RIM is gearing up to release at least 4 new BlackBerry devices in 2011. Along with the hardware upgrades and form factor changes, RIM will be packing them with a new variation of BlackBerry 6. The new software will be labeled as OS 6.1, packing a few newer features. Here we touch on a few of these features currently bundled in OS found on the BlackBerry Curve Sedona.

One exciting new feature in OS 6.1 will be the ability to manage panes. You will now be able to pick if you want those (sometimes pointless) panes that show your favorites, media, downloads, and frequently used apps. This will be a great new management feature, especially for devices without a touchscreen, or even just to simplify your BlackBerry down to one view. The image at the beginning of this article shows what it is like to have ‘All’ selected as the singular view.

In the same options area to manage panes, you can also the number of rows of icons. This should stay fixed and not change from orientation to orientation as it does on the Torch. Below show a picture of the homescreen with only one row of icons.

BlackBerry OS 6.1 should be a fairly nice step up. While the pre-release OS was very buggy, and not all the features may have been available. We hope to be gaining more information on the many new features RIM intends to implement. Nevertheless, we see decent improvement, and for that we’re undoubtedly excited for the future. What new features do you hope RIM integrates into 6.1?