One of our sources let us in on a little secret. Actually, it is a fairly ‘top’ secret. RIM has apparently already started working on PlayBook OS 3.0. This news comes before RIM has even officially released PlayBook OS 2.0. Nevertheless, it is a good sign that the company is rapidly working to enhance the tablet OS in preparation for BlackBerry 10. Details on PlayBook OS 3.0 are slim at this point, but we’ll do what we do best to get you all of the juicy details.

What could be in PlayBook OS 3.0? Perhaps PlayBook OS 3.0 will utilize TAT cascades in a more robust manner. Maybe we’ll finally see the release of BBM, since it will be absent in the release of OS 2.0. Or, we could see PlayBook OS 3.0 be the true evolution into BlackBerry 10, which will then unite both phone and tablet. Whatever the case may be, keep it locked to N4BB for more info!