As of late there has been much speculation over the next device in the Storm series. We can today confirm that the BlackBerry 9570 will merely be a refreshed Storm2. While this may technically be the 3rd in line of the Storm series, does this mean it’s the mysterious ‘Storm3‘?

The BlackBerry Storm 9570 will be the CDMA answer for a touchscreen device with OS 6, at least till the end of 2010. The 9570 has 512mb RAM, a 5MP camera, OS 6, and most likely a 624Mhz processor. The 9570 will keep the current Storm2 9520/9550 form factor and continue to use the SurePress, Piezo touchscreen technology. It is also rumored to be releasing in October.

So what exactly will the 9570 be? Is it going to be the Storm2.5 or (as it is technically) the Storm3? It is a bit hard to tell at this point. It is really up to you whether or not the 9570 is labeled as the Storm2.5 or Storm3. Nevertheless, the 9570 is just a pointless ‘refresh’ model to us, which acts as a filler for (we’re hoping) something greater in the near future. Also, our guess is the recent leaked image of a ‘Storm’ device may possibly be the Storm4, which could include the new QNX operating system, and should be 4G LTE ready when released in early 2011. Or, it could just be a prototype that found its way out of Waterloo some how.

Stay tuned, as there should be more photos to come!