The BlackBerry Curve series (except the 8900) have really been targeted towards business users and those looking for an entry level device. It looks as though RIM is about to change things up in the series by releasing the next-gen Curve codenamed, BlackBerry Sedona. It currently does not have a model #, but it is internally known as R010.

The BlackBerry Curve Sedona is significantly thin in its form factor. It is almost half the size of the Bold 9700/80. The Sedona rocks an EM1 battery, which is new and very thin (guess it has to be). As previously reported, the BlackBerry Sedona has 512MB RAM and is running on OS 6.1, which has a very cool notification feature similar to Android. If you’re in an app or browsing through icons, etc a notification will flash at the top of the screen. The current 6.1 build is said to be very buggy, but we’re sure the bugs will get worked out. More images after the break.

The BlackBerry Curve Sedona is said to feel like a Bold 9780 that is thinner. The screen is similar in size, but just a tad bit shorter in length. The screen resolution also appears to be much higher than any current BlackBerry. Currently, the Sedona is on 3G bands 1, and it is GSM/CDMA. So far, the Sedona really seems to be a higher-end device for the Curve series. What do you think of it? Do you think the Sedona looks sexy?