The mythical 3G/4G BlackBerry PlayBook  makes another appearance.  We knew that a Sim capable PlayBook is scheduled for this quarter but we didn’t have definitive date. What we learned was , RIM has began to push these devices to corporate partners and some distributing channels. It looks like a good sign that we are getting close to release.

This PlayBook is running Os We also noticed that this PlayBook was actually a little “snappier” (probably due to the new 1.5GHz processor) along with NFC support and of course the ability to connect to a wireless network. I know people will ask, but unfortunately no signs of BBM  on this specific device. Also, we heard that BlackBerry Protect will make its way to the PlayBook, but it wasn’t present on the current PlayBook OS.

Are you excited for the 3G/4G PlayBook ? will you be getting one? check the rest of the pics below and enjoy!