That’s right, the very popular Spotify app will be making its way to BlackBerry 10.  I had the pleasure to have the app demoed on a Z10 and it worked flawless. Unfortunetely I wans’t allow to take pictures as the app hasn’t been announced yet.  The app development is complete and all its left is for the developers to release it in BlackBerry World.

Remember before you start sending random emails at Spotify remember that every developer wants to make sure they release their app at the right marketing moment. Its very good to see these major apps being developed for BlackBerry 10.  There is a strong belief that when the Z10 releases in the U.S. all the major apps like Skype, Kindle , Whatsapp and the rest will be available in BlackBerry World.

So here is to another great app making our spanking new platform ever better, Cheers!