BlackBerry Z3, which was announced at Mobile World Congress 2014.

BlackBerry has not waited to make their presence felt at Mobile World Congress this year. Much like last year, Barcelona has been the host to a few really important BlackBerry announcements, with at least one big one still left for tomorrow.

Starting on Sunday, the company announced a few new goodies that surprised some of us. A new BBM update for three out of the four supporting platforms was released. Also, BlackBerry made it known that they will be bringing some popular BlackBerry 10 apps and features to other mobile operating systems this year. Chen made sure to also emphasize this did not mean the company was abandoning its hardware business. To round out that first day, a new partnership with Samsung was also announced as BlackBerry made it abundantly clear they want to be everywhere.

Today was more of an enterprise day, which featured some great news from Secusmart, Sprint, and a new BES12 Cloud.

Screenshot 2015-03-02 17.35.40

Tomorrow, however, will be focused on hardware. As such, we’re expecting BlackBerry to announce the BlackBerry Leap mid-range smartphone, and give us availability dates, and prices worldwide. Although most information about this device has been leaked, a couple of things can always change here or there before the official reveal.


BlackBerry is also expected to talk about its upcoming smartphone and software portfolio for 2015. How specific will they get when talking about 2015 is anyone’s guess, but they should give us some good stuff to talk about at least.

Aside from that, we’re not really sure what else BlackBerry can have up its sleeve. We’re not expecting to see a concept device shown at Mobile World Congress tomorrow (even though that’s what BlackBerry had said in September of last year), but to be honest, with Chen at the helm anything is possible. Even though it may not be planned, he could have a secret phone on him, and want to take it to show everyone at the last minute. We’ll have to keep an eye out for that.

Tomorrow’s BlackBerry event will again be a low-key one like last year’s that will occur while most people in the western hemisphere are still asleep. It won’t be live streamed or anything like that, but we will be live blogging it and we’ll be reporting any news right away. BlackBerry breakfast event starts at 8:30am(UTC+1) (2:30am EST, yikes!), so whether you want to stay up late, or simply read what happened in the morning, make sure you keep it locked to N4BB.