Facebook is removing it’s Creative Labs, some of these apps happen to include “Slingshot“, an app in which was used to send pictures as a form of messaging very similar to the popular “SnapChat“. However the app was said to be outdated and did not get good feedback.

Another app Facebook and their staff have decided to remove is “Riff and Room, an app that was designed to allow users to take short videos and send them via group messaging.

Facebook lives by their motto “Move Fast and Break Things”.   In any case these apps that Facebook had put out did not live up to their motto’s expectations.

Instead of focusing on social creative apps, Facebook has chosen to focus on more productive apps.  Some of the rumored ideas for apps are smart voice recognition, drones which can send flares to any part of the country via Facebook, and virtual reality goggles, which could ultimately put game consoles at competition.

New features Facebook Released

  • 360 Degree Video Recording – this new camera recording technology gives broadcasters a bigger and better view of the scenery around them.  Take for example this sample clip

https://www.youtube.com/embed/yQAWFl3X2aQ” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no

  • Suicide Prevention Tools– While the debut of this tool is expected in Hong Kong, China, it is drawing attention here in the U.S.  The new suicide prevention tool will allow Facebook users to click “report”, this will then signify to Facebook to send out an hour observation team for the suicidal victim.  This is being tested in Hong Kong first due to it’s high suicide rate.  Statistics show that one in every 10,000 people in China commit suicide.  Studies also claim that China has a higher suicide rate than Australia.  That being said Facebook is taking on a partnership with BeyondBlue a popular group that provides help for people struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts.  BeyondBlue also hopes that by helping others their tools will better find targets providing much more help in the long run.

Over the next months it will be most exciting to see what Facebook comes out with next!