RIM has been hard at work updating their apps and running them through the process in the Beta Zone. They have just released Facebook for BlackBerry 3.1 to be tested and it brings highly requested features such as liking comments and group support.

Liking Comments
You spoke and we listened! A very popular feature request is now available in Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones 3.1 as you can now like/unlike comments from within the comment screen. The new version of Facebook for BlackBerry also gives you the ability to see the Facebook users who have liked a post.

Feature Breakdown:
Ability to like/unlike each comment from within the comment screen
If a user likes/unlikes a comment, an outgoing notification is populated in their notification list
News Feed like rendering
If someone has liked my comment, the current user will be notified through pre-fetching or background polling.
The likes list allows users to see the Facebook users who have liked a post
Split of the single comments and likes field in details screen, to separate comments and likes fields. Comment count is not focusable in details screen.
Ability to open likes list screen from posts, photo posts, and comments by clicking on likes field
Up to 25 likes are retrieved
Ability to click on a user in a likes list screen and view the user’s profile
Ability to view menu options of each user in likes list
Removal of detailed like names from details screen

Group Support
The new Facebook for BlackBerry also allows you to view and interact with Facebook Groups. Users can now view their Groups from within the application as well as write, comment and like posts on the Group Wall.

Feature Breakdown:
Opening a group notification will open the group screen
Group screen will display the group name, privacy, wall, and description.
Users’ can write on the group wall, comment, and like group posts.
Group List Screen: From the navigation grid, the Group List screen is opened when a user clicks on the Groups icon. The Group List screen will contain a list of groups the user is a member of, according the bookmark order specified by Facebook. Each group will contain a profile photo and the group name.
Group Screen: From the Group List screen, or from a Group notification, a user can open the Group screen. The Group screen will show the group profile photo, group name, and privacy settings. A user can see the group wall, and post text messages to the wall. A user can see the group description, and also open the Group Members screen.
Group Members Screen: From the Group screen, a user can open the Group Members screen. The Group Members screen will show a list of members of the group in alphabetical order


This program is only for Beta Zone members so if haven’t done so yet, you can sign up here.