We’ve heard rumors before that the BlackBerry Facebook app would integrate the chat feature. If you’re familiar with the current Facebook app, then you know it isn’t anything special. However, we have heard decent improvements with Facebook v1.8 that hit select users of Beta Zone.

Although, reports on v1.8 say there isn’t a chat feature, but that the overall experience is much faster. Now, it seems that Facebook has enabled it on their end to allow the Facebook Chat on a BlackBerry. There have been third-party apps that allow you to do Facebook Chat, however, this appears to be for the official Facebook app that is developed by RIM.

We’re hoping that we will see this feature in v1.8 even though reports suggest otherwise. Either way, it is a good sign that Facebook has taken the initiative to get their backend setup in preparation. Knowing RIM, we probably won’t see a feature like Facebook Chat in a new app version until the release of BlackBerry 6.