Facebook has detailed plans for internet drones which they are calling Aquila. The drones will be solar-powered and laser connected. But, as Facebook has already confirmed, this doesn’t mean that they will be providing internet service.

The plan with the Aquila drones is to work with carriers so that they can use these drones to sell and provide internet connectivity to those remote areas that currently have no ISP available. Facebook also said national governments have shown interest in these drones.

Along the plans, they have announced that the first Aquila drone is fully built. Wow! The drone can fly for 90 days, between 60 and 90 thousand feet above commercial airspace. It has the wingspan of 737 but weights hundreds of times less thanks to its design and carbon-fiber frame.

The communications team has design a laser than can deliver data at 10s of Gbps to a target the size of dime from more than 10 miles away. With this, they would be able to create a network that could bring connection to those areas that currently don’t have one.

Check out the video at the top to see the team at work with the Aquila drone.