Facebook v1.7 has finally arrived and is available in Blackberry App World. This version is definitely a step up from its predecessor v1.6. However, we still cannot understand the lack of true support for Facebook. Unfortunately, RIM still has not developed a version that even comes close to the iPhones Facebook app. Hopefully, one day, RIM will design a Facebook app with the chat feature and automatic push updates (so you see the feed updates in real-time).

New features in version 1.7:
  • News Feed Support – make the new News Feed API your ‘homepage’
  • News Feed Filters – Change between Status, Photos, Links, News Feed.
  • Caching Improvements – makes the app use memory properly
  • Feed Pre-fetching – do not have to wait while feeds load
  • View Profile Menu Option – makes it more easier to see your own profile

You can alternatively download it on www.blackberry.com/facebook