I’m an emoticon addict, I love to express myself with icons and, though BBM has the most important ones, sometimes I want more. That’s where Fancy Character comes in. Today the app was updated to its version 4.2.3, here’s what’s new:

  • Icons from BBM 6.0 applied (larger and clearer)
  • Added support of BBM from OS 6.1 and BBM 6.0
  • Small ui changes

Update is recommended for those who upgraded to BBM v 6.0 from Beta Zone or from leaked build. Previous version does not work with it.

If you already bought Fancy Character, the update is available free of charge, but if you don’t own it and would like to (I recommend it) you can get it from the N4BB store for only $1.99.

Buy Fancy Characters for $1.99 >>