It appears that Rogers Wireless subsidiary Fido ( ) is no longer offering users the choice to purchase smartphones made by Canadian smartphone-maker, BlackBerry.

As you can see from the picture below, when you go to the Fido Website and select “Phones & Devices” they now only offer iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and regular phones. BlackBerry is nowhere to be seen.  It’s interesting to note, Fido’s main competitors – Koodo, Virgin and Wind – all still offer BlackBerry devices.


In confirmation, coming from the @Fidosolutions Twitter account, Fido has indicated that it no longer is selling BlackBerry models.

Fido is a Canadian carrier that is owned by Rogers.  While BlackBerry sales at Fido have never been stellar at Fido, being mostly geared towards iPhone and feature phone sales,  let’s hope this doesn’t become a trend among other carriers.