A popular file manger app, Files and Folders, has gotten a significant update to version 5.1.  Instead of using the native file manager, which lacks quite a few features, this app provides a full-featured solution to browsing and managing your files on your PlayBook.  The version 5.0 update brings:

  • Support for SkyDrive and Office Web Apps
  • A New “BlackBerry-10 inspired” UI
  • Color schemes
  • Faster Google Drive
  • Tons of other minor improvements and bug fixes
The 5.1 update focuses on the newer cloud-based improvement to the app.  You can check out “Files and Folders” in App World for free with the trial version, or buy it for $2.99 for the full version here or on your PlayBook.

Keep reading below for the full app description and change log.


Files & Folders is a unified file manager for your BlackBerry PlayBook and cloud services.

★ A free 3-day TRIAL version is also available. Just tap on Innovatology.

Features in version 5.0:

★ Works with local files & folders but also:

★ Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Google Docs, SugarSync and now SKYDRIVE

★ Manage cloud services in exactly the same way as local files & folders

★ Designed specifically for the BlackBerry PlayBook

★ Open (or download & open) files with associated app

★ Open Google & SkyDrive files online

★ Cut, copy, paste, rename, delete, even between cloud services

★ Star your favorite folders for quick access

★ List, icon, thumbnail views

★ Preview images and text files

★ Slide show, keep-awake, text viewer

★ Manage your ZIP files as if they were folders

★ Convert between many formats on-the-fly using Google Docs

★ Search & filter local files

★ Multi-select, sort by name, date, size, type

★ Password protection

★ Light & dark color schemes

★ Highly configurable

★ Built-in help and excellent support

★ Send files via e-mail (experimental feature)

★ Access your BlackBerry phone via Bridge (experimental feature, not for BES users)

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New in version 5:

★ Support for SkyDrive and Office Web Apps!

★ Google Drive, now much faster, especially for users with many files. Your own files and files people shared with you are now in separate top-level folders. Because of these changes, any Google Drive folders you have starred will have to be re-starred.


★ Redesigned look & feel, new icons inspired by BlackBerry10.

★ Choose your favorite color scheme!

★ Online manual, so you can read it in a separate browser window or on another device.

★ Many more major & minor improvements & bug fixes.

Version 5.1 is a maintenance release and fixes a few issues with Google Drive & SkyDrive.