Millions of Airtel customers were without BlackBerry services, SMS texting, and calling abilities for a few hours after an apparent fire broke out at a data center in Mumbai, India.

“There was a network outage in the Western region this morning as a result of a fire in our central POP (point of presence) location in Malad, Mumbai. Our teams have been working to normalise all affected services. Mobile voice, Blackberry and SMS services have largely been restored and are stabilising,” the company said in a statement.

Rumors began spreading as to the timing of the event with the outage occuring on the day Anna Hazare began his three-day fast in Mumbai on Tuesday. Airtel has since been able to restore most of the services.

“We are working to restore 2G and 3G data services later tonight. However, the restoration work is in progress for the enterprise services like leased lines and Internet services. These services are likely to be restored in the next 24 hours,” a company spokesman said.

via Hindustan Times