Here is something to blow up your mind. Apparently, this could be the first image to appear of the BlackBerry Storm3. While its still hard to make out if it is real or not, reports are coming in that it could be real.

Don’t hold us to it, as form factors change, sometimes even at the last minute before final release. The image above may just be a Storm3 prototype of sorts. However, we feel it could hold up.

From what we can see from the image it appears that the SurePress technology has been dropped for a more capacitive touchscreen like the one found on the Torch 9800. A trackpad has also been added. The screen is said to be 3.7-inches long, which makes is narrower in width. It is also rumored to have 8GB of internal memory. A front facing camera was also rumored to be on the Storm3, however, you cannot see if there is one because of the ‘m’ sticker on the device (whatever that might be for).

It will be interesting to see what more comes of the Storm3 and if we see any more info or images arise. If the image is real, then those with more info usually start pushing it out. What do you think, could it be the Storm3?