One of our ninjas WJD sent this in to us. According to our source this is codenamed the BlackBerry Wand and is a new Storm series, model number 9580. It will be sporting OS 6.0, an aluminum battery door, webkit browser, 1gb internal memory, 5mp camera with liquid lens technology, and ability to use as a TV remote.

BlackBerry must really be targeting all kind of users. Apparently this “remote” can interact with your TV and show the call on the TV screen. From what we’ve heard it may be the next generation in video chat.

We’d think the BlackBerry Wand would be announced at this year’s WES 2010, but highly doubt it. Why? Because well folks…April Fools!!

We’re deeply sorry for any of you that goes out and starts talking about the “wand” and people look at your like you’re an idiot. We aren’t responsible for any beat downs, bloody noses, or broken bones you may receive. Happy April 🙂