We know there are a lot of people with older BlackBerrys (9650, 9700, and 9100/9105) that are dying to get OS 6.0 on their device. We showed you not long ago a few screen captures of OS 6 on a Bold 9650. Now we have new photos of BlackBerry 6 physically running on a living 9650.

Yes, this is a Verizon Bold 9650 and yes it is OS meant for Verizon. However, it is completely up to the carriers whether or not OS 6 will get officially released on the aforementioned older devices. We do hope, though, that Verizon will pass OS 6 for the 9650 with flying colors. However, from what we’ve heard of the current testing, OS 6 is running very sluggishly on the 9650. Perhaps the current build is outdated and OS 6 will eventually run efficiently. Nevertheless, keep your hopes high and check out the rest of the photos below.