Remember awhile back the Storm 9570 was rumored to get a Mobile HotSpot feature? Wanted to see how that upcoming Mobile HotSpot would function in BlackBerry OS 6.1? You can see what the UI will look like from the slide above. You will be able to connect up to 5 devices and manage the HotSpot functionality right from the connections screen. A quicklook for something that pops out at you in the slide, is it shows NFC will also be user manageable. Accessible to toggle on/off from under the WiFi option -pretty cool! Hit the break for more.

The slide above describes the features of OS 6.1 Mobile HotSpot. As mentioned, you will be able to connect up to 5 devices at one time. You can have it auto-shutdown after 10min of user inactivity (to save battery) or set the time yourself. You will have limited Bluetooth functionality and you won’t be able to connect to WiFi during your Mobile HotSpot connection. The Mobile HotSpot will obviously release with OS 6.1 devices.

Now here is a cool new update. Tethering on a BlackBerry with OS 6.1 will no longer require you to use Desktop Manager! You will now have an interface displayed on the device itself to configure it. Tethering will be supported over Bluetooth, USB, and WiFi. Sounds like it should be much, much easier to tether your device in OS 6.1!

Are you interested in using your BlackBerry as a Mobile HotSpot or to tether and use as a modem on the go? These enhancements should really help those constantly traveling or who just need the occasional dedicated internet connection.