Fixmo has just released version 2.5 of their popular Fixmo Tools app, which includes new features, support for OS7 devices and the cherry on top, it’s totally free for 2.0 users. Here’s what’s new:

  • Support for BlackBerry OS 7 devices
  • Conserve Wi-Fi – A completely new application that conserves battery life by turning Wi-Fi on and off based on your location (cell towers)
  • Deleting Apps – Since our last release, we actually got quite a bit of feedback that there was an overwhelming amount of apps in Fixmo Tools.  So in Fixmo Tools 2.5, the user can optionally delete Fixmo Tools sub-apps that they use less frequently
  • Performance optimizations
If you don’t already own it, you can get Fixmo Tools for just $7.99 (originally $14.99). Hurry up and get it from the N4BB store!