Harry , the creator of two of the best selling games in BlackBerry World, let us know of a major update coming to his very popular title FlyCraft.

Version 1.2.0 of FlyCraft brings lots of new stuff to the original game. New gadgets, new achievements and new big features that BlackBerry gamers requested.


Most notably the new version brings the “Drawing Board” where you can save up to 9 different aircrafts. You are no longer forced to part with your beloved design in order to try a new one.

For me personally the biggest new feature is flight sharing. You can now share (though BBM, Facebook, Twitter or email) the flights you do. You can also use this feature to save any hilarious crash you might want to enjoy again and again in the future. There is also a webservice running online where you can have a web page for your replay, and you then can pass that to friends to see, all done automatically.

The new gadgets are:
Suspension Wheels : Heavy duty airplane wheels with suspension. It is now easier to land without breaking the aircraft
RocketX : A new kind of rocket that lasts longer
Turbines: New powerful turbines that can be switched on/off on demand. These will allow for some vertical landings!
Bike Horn: Yeap is a horn… it makes a sound… nothing more, but its always fun to make noise 🙂


Some other minor improvements are: You can now see your rank in the last 24 hours, new achievements for reaching high altitute and great speeds.

So keep an eye for this great update soon!