The mass media has reported on RIM and BlackBerry like a roller-coaster ride fluctuates. For a while it was all doom and gloom. Lately, the general consensus is beginning to shift and look more positive.

During CES 2013, RIM was there to demo BlackBerry 10. Forbes editors were able to capture the action and give 10 reasons to hope for BlackBerry 10:

1.) First a crucial factoid:carriers apparently like it. So far 150 of them from around the world are testing BlackBerry 10 in their labs, according to CMO Frank Boulben, which means they’ll almost certainly carry the phone. He expects 200 carriers to offer BB 10 by the summer of 2013.

2.) The phone is launching with more than 70,000 available apps, along with new features to BlackBerry Messenger that RIM will disclose at launch.

3.) The phone takes away a physical “home” button – a bit like Nokia’s Lumia phones. It relies on lots of swiping gestures and shortcuts for one-handed use by on-the-go business types.

4.) The mobile platform, based on software by QNX, allows users to have two personas on the device– one for work and one for private life, with separate background images and a password that can stop kids from accidentally calling someone’s boss. Users can swap between the two with a single gesture, and decide what content is deemed personal and accessible, or private and professional on the same device.

5.) A new feature called BlackBerry Hub. This is a neat amalgamation of all notifications that users access by swiping in an “L” shape, up and to the left. When writing an email and a new one comes in, users can also swipe slightly to “peek” at the content, before continuing with their email. No need to press a button or delete any draft of the email.

6.) BlackBerry Hub’s integration with Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and LinkedIn — with potential for other developers to allow their apps to integrate with the Hu