Are you an OS junkie and always have to make sure your device is running the latest and greatest? Thanks to those who sent this tip in, and BBSync spotting it that you can force BlackBerry Desktop Manager to update your PlayBook to the latest OS, even if it normally says there isn’t a new build to install. We tested it out ourselves and have successfully updated to v1.0.1.1705, but you’ll want to make sure you closely follow the steps below:

  • Backup your PlayBook – this is essential as the new OS install will wipe your device
  • Click Device > Update in Desktop Manager (it will most likely tell you there isn’t a new OS)
  • With your PlayBook still connected to Desktop Manager via USB, restart your PlayBook
  • You may have to try the same steps above twice before it kicks Desktop Manager into gear
  • A new window should pop-up, click the ‘Update’ button in the middle

The manual OS install will take quite some time. Nevertheless, after the device reboots you’ll have the newest OS build installed. You will have to go through the setup process again, but make sure you backed up your data so it makes for an easy transition.