Earlier this year we learned Ford would be replacing Microsoft’s Sync in future car iterations. The automaker had decided it would utilize BlackBerry’s QNX for upcoming infotainment systems.

The reasons for the switch to QNX will be less expensive than licensing Microsoft’s technology, and it will improve the flexibility and speed of Ford’s next system.

Ford’s infotainment system swap was allegedly set for the beginning of 2016. However, Ford looks to have sped up its QNX implementation. According to the Wall Street Journal, QNX “could be introduced in new [Ford] vehicles as soon as late this year.”

There’s still yet to be an official announcement. However, like Apple and its CarPlay system and QNX integration, the companies may be keeping the partnership tight-lipped until the perfect moment. Striking a deal with Ford would be a huge win for BlackBerry and QNX, as they face increasing competition in the in-car technology realm with Apple and Google.