FORD? As in the car maker?  No you’ve got to be kidding, why would Ford want to buy RIM? What advantages does RIM offer Ford?

Allan Mulally the CEO of Ford came into a company that had a lot of products, and a lot of production issues. Through his business plan review meetings every Thursday at 8am these production issues got identified and solved. Ford sees RIM as a company that is facing many of the same issues it once faced.

RIM has a lot to offer Ford with QNX, which as shown off at CES in a Porsche. Ford a pioneer in bringing the mobile office into the car doesn’t want to get left behind. With purchasing RIM they get QNX, the home grown solution that they get to profit from by licensing it to other manufacturers. In addition to Ford getting QNX, Ford gets control of a corporate Brand BlackBerry, which is still the preferred device at Ford. With 3000 corporate BlackBerry’s and  30% of the BOYD Ford Employees remaining with BlackBerry, the product fits into the culture.

Ford’s intention would likely be to oust Mike Lazaridis &  Jim Balsillie as co-CEOs, but they will remain in Executive rolls fit to their strengths. Allan Mulally will take control of the operation under the Ford banner. RIM team will have similar weekly business review meetings just as Ford Motor Company.  The marketing strategies and branding will be done by Ford Motor Company with device Models bring branded to accompany Ford Vehicles.

This Purchase would Give Ford the edge on other car manufacturers as it will have a consumer electronics division to assist and integrate directly with their cars. With consumers growing attached to their phones at ages long before they can drive, the thought of the first car will be the one that works best with their phones.

There is still a lot of ironing out to do, as well as other suitors interested in RIM. Personally, I see the Ford Purchase as the best move for RIM as they will have a global partner in an alternative industry helping sales, as well as open an entirely new marketing/distribution channel through Ford Dealerships across the globe.

Some statistics attained from ZDNet