*UPDATE 2* We’ve been contacted directly by Reddy’s marketing rep to be made aware that there was miscommunication with Business Insider on the information that Raymond Reddy told to them. Reddy was also not a RIM exec, only an employee.

*UPDATE* A Raymond Reddy representative has stated that Reddy did not say the PlayBook would “fail” in the way as originally posted on Business Insider.

We aren’t sure if Raymond Reddy, former Research In Motion executive in corporate development until 2008, is trying to drive publicity for his new startup (PushLife). Or, he truly feels RIM took the BlackBerry PlayBook in the wrong direction. The reason Reddy thinks the PlayBook may be a flop:

  • The PlayBook may be late. Reddy says it’s proving more difficult than RIM expected to port the traditional BlackBerry interface and experience — including the all-important email app — to the new QNX operating system used by the PlayBook.
  • It won’t have many third-party apps at launch. Same reason — convincing developers to port their apps from the BlackBerry OS to QNX is a tough proposition. (Although RIM may get around this by including an Android emulation layer, according to RBC Dominion analyst Mike Abramsky.)
  • The first Wi-Fi-only version won’t be able to connect to a lot of corporate BlackBerry email accounts unless the user also has a BlackBerry phone near the PlayBook and uses the PlayBook’s tethering capability.

We don’t entirely agree with Reddy, but can agree that we have mixed feelings when it comes to the Bridge feature that is required to connect your BlackBerry smartphone with the PlayBook via bluetooth. In terms of security, we think it is great and near fail safe. However, we believe the ‘slave’ function may deter possible new customers that do not want a BlackBerry smartphone. And just like any business, you want more customers for more profits for your success.

So far we feel the PlayBook is shaping up nicely and will be a home-run with current BlackBerry users, both consumer and enterprise. Although, we do believe it may have a slow start appealing to those who haven’t made the switch to a BlackBerry smartphone. Nevertheless, time will tell. Do you think the PlayBook will be a success or has it been damned from the beginning?

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