Charlie Sheen Confirms He is HIV Positive Live on Air

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A few hours before the broadcast of NBC’s Today show, popular Hollywood actor Charlie Sheen was trending worldwide on Twitter. Although NBC News only stated that the actor will be ‘revealing personal announcement’ on the show, rumors circulating online suggested the intention of the interview. The National Enquirer first reported that Charlie Sheen was HIV positive after an 18 month investigation into his personal life. Afterwards, People and TMZ later confirmed the news before the anticipated interview. The internet went into frenzy.
“I am in fact HIV positive”, Charlie Sheen admitted to Matt Lauer. The 50 year old actor further added that he was tired of the constant blackmail and harassment due to his HIV status claiming that he has paid at least $10 million to keep it a secret. Asked when he discovered that he contracted the virus; “roughly 4 years ago”, he replied. “I thought I had a brain tumor”. Even though he acknowledged having unprotected sex with 2 women after being diagnosed, they were informed in due time and offered immediate medical attention. However, the actor still insists that he did not spread the virus to anyone and shared the status with all of his sexual partners.
Charlie Sheen rose to fame after appearing in remarkable Hollywood movies such as “Red Dawn” and “Wall Street”. Despite earning a whopping $1.8 million per episode during the filming of ‘Two and a Half Men’ making him the highest paid sitcom actor in 2011, Charlie Sheen was fired after a disagreement with the production team. Part of the dispute reflected after the actor checked into rehab attracting a media and public scrutiny into his life of drugs, prostitutes and porn stars.
Robert Huzienga, Charlie Sheen’s doctor, also accompanied him to the interview. Unlike a few decades ago, being diagnosed with HIV meant certain death due to the advance of the virus but thanks to medical breakthrough, infected patients can live normal healthy lives. It has been 24 years since Magic Johnson announced that he is HIV positive and yet he celebrated his 56th birthday on August 2015. “Charlie doesn’t have AIDS”, Dr. Huzienga told Matt Lauer that the actor’s condition can be controlled if he keeps on taking antiretroviral drugs on daily basis. However, Dr. Huzienga stated that his major concern is not the disease but the actor relapsing into drugs abuse or depression causing him to forget taking his pills.

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