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  • Lucas Atkins
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    Just a heads up…

    We’ve heard whispers and pretty much have confirmed there is another 2,000 job cut to be in effect. The entire Developer Relations team (including Marty Mallick) will be let go, and parts of engineering.

    Perhaps BlackBerry has secured an agreement with a third party app store to fill the gap with a plethora of Android apps?

    Whatever the case, it’s definitely unfortunate, but may mean a more streamlined company and an achieved end game for Chen.

    Sad to see friends and acquaintances leave the company we all love. Hopefully, it only make for a brighter future for the company as a whole.

    JT Teran
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    Sucks to hear. I’m wondering what Chen has planned as an end game going forward. Hopefully they’ve struck a deal with a partner for apps.

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    This sucks! But, John Chen wouldn’t of made this choice lightly. He’s proven to be a man who weighs the odds on both sides and does what’s best for BlackBerry.

    He has my trust

    Banned User
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    Only one or two weeks ago John stated there would be no layoffs. This could be pre-earings call rumblings.

    My preference is BB10 apps and almost all of my apps are BB10 apps. BlackBerry can’t “rely” on android apps, they are noticeably different with archaic app UIs.


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    Approve of the non – sensationalist title!!

    BlackBerry fans appreciate this stealthy treatment of unconfirmed rumors!! 😉 :heartsmile:

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