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    Sometimes I like to share my opinions after reading an article and why I still think RIM choices aren’t as bad as the digital media has made them out to be, at least in the last year or so. I’m sure it pisses you off as much as me when people spout off about how RIM should have had bb10 out 3 years ago but I digress.

    If you can’t be arsed reading what I wrote below here’s a summary : Apple needs to change it up or they’ll be left behind while android manufacturers and RIM dominate the developing markets, those same users may eventually upgrade to their premium handsets and therefore an opportunity lost for Apple. Apple is feeling the heat with Samsung’s Note and SG3, Microsofts WP8 smartphones and if RIM can put the heat on with BB10 next year, the high end market won’t all go Apples way! Their arrogance is blinding their judgement and the media and the fanbase isn’t helping one bit. RIM suffered this same fate and I feel RIM has from this.

    anyways… my thoughts in full 😛

    Apple shares have slid on news that the iphone 5 won’t be as successful as they may have hoped with their expansion in China.


    I’ve come to the conclusion that the Apple model of one phone each year or thereabouts is flawed in any market that is a developing country. Growth in these nations are unprecedented, where growth is booming for smartphones that won’t cost an arm and a leg and has improved the overall marketshare of the android OS in worldwide markets – this can only bring positive news to Google and their partners.

    Apple may dominate the US market and reel in huge amounts of profits due to their iPhone sales but for how long? How long can a company like Apple continue to sell the same thing over and over without much change?
    Their arrogance like RIM before them can not see far enough to realise that Android has stolen the thunder under their feet and will continue to do so until Apple changes this idealism because they’re backing themselves to the wall. It won’t just be the developing market they’ll lose out on…

    Creating a new market segment is great for any company especially if its a success but there’s no doubt that the iPad mini is a defensive move in their tablet business to provide a cheaper alternative.
    Apple also tries to combat this by selling old technology (previous gen) at marginally lower prices but not everyone enjoys buying something that’s already a year old.
    Apple is not gaining any traction in these developing markets because their handsets are too expensive! Samsung with their Note and SG3, Microsoft + Nokia with WP8 and soon RIM with BB10 is only going to make matters worse for Apple in the high end.
    Realistically, unless Apple pour millions of dollars and increase man hours into changing up iOS, Apple won’t have anything drastically new next year and will continue to lose market share unless they combat this with a cheaper iPhone because the Apple app store isn’t big a differentiation as it use to be as other Eco-systems catch up. 2/3 years of development is a long time when you’re losing, just ask RIM 😉

    RIM have kept a float with positive news lately due to growth in developing nations and in some cases they are the number 1 vendor in countries (Nigeria), helped by the low end handsets and their BIS plans. The latter giving RIM a unique leverage against other competitors where internet services can be expensive. At least in the short term this is always going to gain RIM new subscribers.

    I’ve always disagreed with bloggers/users who feel following the Apple model is the only way and discontinuing the multiple handsets is the way to go. How do you think Nokia has survived so far considering their rocky transition? They still sell a lot of Symbian devices in developing countries due to their name, reliability and cheaper prices. Don’t get me wrong this isn’t going to satisfy everyone and this is exactly the reason why RIM has moved on with BB10 and not bowed to the pressures of moving towards an android eco-system which I feel would have been the wrong move. Just look at Microsoft with their surface dictating what their standards should be, RIM is only going to benefit from this control and so far BB10 is heading in the right direction and with QNX at its core, the possibilities of entering other markets is limitless. BB10/QNX seems to be an OS that can be highly adaptable and change depending on use. This isn’t an iOS where all apple did was make the apple iPhone BIGGER.

    RIM targets these markets with low end phones but overall the OS is the same – the experience is the same as someone with a 9900. It is only the hardware that differentiates and RIM is only a smartphone away from putting out hardware that meets the latest trends.

    RIM has only really suffered major problems in developed countries like the US where the demand for the cutting edge technology has saw their market share drop and unfortunately much harder than most.
    Obviously, bb10 is their answer for this that will combine the latest hardware with an OS that will support these technologies and not only will this continue to capture the people’s imaginations in India, Indonesia, South Africa but the generally feeling I’m getting is that they’ll gain a huge share back of the US Market. RIM isn’t another Palm, no matter how many articles try to link them.

    We can only hope BB10 is as good as it sounds and that their portfolio of phones next year and the year after will push their market segments in a forward direction. One can’t say the same for Apple, where they rely so heavily on the media and their fans in the US. You may not agree but Apple will be under fire sooner, rather than later unless they see past their arrogance…

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