Passport or Classic?

JT Teran 9 Rep.

The most important question in the BlackBerry world right now: Passport or Classic?

Are you getting either, neither, or both? I wanna know why or why not. Go!

JT Teran asked
    NRB 0 Rep.

    Passport 🙂

    NRB answered
      Lucas Atkins 390 Rep.

      Hands down the Passport for me lol. I’m a media consuming whore 😀

      Lucas Atkins answered
        Serversurfer 1 Rep.

        No question for me: the Passport will make the race. The Classic has its charme- no doubt about it… but in comparison with the Passport its just boring and not suitable…

        Serversurfer answered
          Banned User 0 Rep.

          The Passport suits my lifestyle. Large screen + keyboard is the new cool factor!

          Banned User answered
            tank99 0 Rep.

            The Passport is what I want… but I just got my Z30. So I might wait.

            tank99 answered
              Donnie 0 Rep.

              I will have to do a “hands on” first before I make a decision on this. The Classic, from what I’ve read, seems to be more mid-range, than flagship. The Passport doesn’t have a removable battery, and that’s kind of a turn off for me, but like I said, I need a hands on first.

              Donnie answered
                Jamescunny 0 Rep.

                The Passport just because it is so different from what is out there the Classic just seems like a repackaged Bold

                Jamescunny answered
                  Coyote55 59 Rep.

                  The new Silver Passport is high quality.  I was tempted to buy it, but I think I will wait for the Venice.  I really want an all touch-high end phone….Venice seems to be as close as I will get.

                  Coyote55 answered


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