At the beginning of this month, foursquare told the world they’d be splitting up their app into two with the upcoming launch of Swarm. Part one of the split has officially arrived today as Swarm is now available in Google Play for Android smartphones, and in the App Store for iOS devices. Unfortunately, foursquare has yet to comment on whether there will be a BlackBerry 10 or BBOS version of their new app, so we’re not exactly sure if/when it will come.

Thankfully, as you guys know since BlackBerry 10.2.1 arrived, getting an app on our BlackBerry devices that hasn’t been officially released isn’t that difficult anymore. We’ve gotten a hold of the APK for Swarm, and it’s linked below. Simply click/copy the link below [uses the BlackBerry 10 MEGA app on device], and download it to your device.

Swarm, is foursquare’s attempt at keeping the ‘check-in’ and social aspect of their community, while separating it from the discovering, and exploring side of it on the foursquare app. According to the company, Swarm was necessary because foursquare had become just “a big check-in button.” It’ll be interesting to see how Swarm is received by foursquare’s millions of users all over the world.