BlackBerry’s codename Jakarta will be the first device launched under the John Chen regime. As we get closer to the unveiling of the device, which we’re assuming will be at Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona next month, more and more details will certainly arrive. PhoneArena is now reporting a new device has been approved by the Bluetooth SIG which piques our interest. The device is “designed to run BlackBerry OS 10.2.” The interesting part is that its maker is not BlackBerry, but FIH Co., Ltd instead, which is none other than Foxconn International Holdings.

The device is being listed as STJ100-1, which, when we compare it to the STL (Z10), and STA (Z30) codenames, the Jakarta would definitely fit this pattern. We’ll keep being patient for more details to come out. Now, we just have to get some pictures to leak, so we can finally see it, at least.