The other day RIM announced an offer for Android developers, who submitted their apps by Feb 13th, would receive a free BlackBerry PlayBook. There must have been a large outcry from the BlackBerry community, as RIM has now extended the offer to all developers. Here’s what RIM had to say:

“Wow BlackBerry Developer Community! You certainly weren’t shy about wanting in on the PlayBook offer for apps submitted to BlackBerry App World between now and February 13. And you know what? We are in the year of “Being Bold” and such an outpouring of interest from you should be rewarded!  We’re opening this offer to any app – WebWorks, Native, AIR, and Android.  Same deadline of February 13 applies.  There are some terms and conditions, but they’re there to protect you and your content. We look forward to your submissions!”

Get cracking developers. You only have 9 more days to submit your app and get that free PlayBook. All we ask is that you please do not submit a half-assed app just to get a free PlayBook. Hate to be brutally honest, but someone had to say it. Please don’t do it.