One of the best OS Hybrid designers, Lyricidal, has create a tool to create OTAs (.jad) and/or Desktop Installers (.alx) for apps of your choice.

– Create-A-JAD zip

1. Enter information requested (All are required except for description)
2. Drag and drop all the files needed for your app install into the white box under Files.
If you haven’t already, enter the filename (no extension) and choose
what type of install you need: .JAD is for OTA, .ALX is for Desktop
Install, and Both does both of them.
4. Click Create It!
5. Enjoy your new OTA/Desktop Install!

Get Your OTA Up and Running
1) Upload all .cods required, the .jad, and the .htaccess file created to your webspace
2) Go to the link to your .jad file from your phone
3) Install away!

To Use In Desktop Install
1) Copy and paste the created .alx file in your OS’s folder (ie. 9530-v4.7.0.167_P4.0.0.205)
Copy and paste the .cod files into the Java folder (if you checked that
box when creating the .alx) or into the same OS folder as step 1 (if
you left the checkbox unchecked)
3) Install using AppLoader (Loader.exe) or Desktop Manager

To Use JavaLoader.exe Install
1) Put created .bat file, JavaLoader.exe (autodownloads), and the .cods into the same folder
2) Plug in phone and run the .bat file

Change Log
– Save to location added
– Better error handling
– JavaLoader.exe install creation added
– Check for updates button
– Minor bug fixes
– Status bar to let you know what the app is doing

– Added “Always On Top” checkbox
– Added .alx functionality
– “Clear” only checked options