For those who love to play games on their BlackBerry, there are a great deal of free apps to choose from. While there are plenty of paid apps for the BlackBerry, some of the best games available are actually completely free of charge. Whether you’re interested in puzzle games, action games or otherwise, the BlackBerry is the perfect platform for scratching your gaming itch. The following are just a few of the best free BlackBerry games, all of which are extremely fun and addicting.


When it comes to getting BlackBerry apps for free, Pixelated is one of the best choices you can make. Extremely addictive, this game can be viewed as if it were a Rubix cube, as the goal is to change box colors until the entire screen is one color. While it may be free, there’s no doubt that it will suck hours of valuable time from your life.

Bubble Breaker

For those who are fans of Tetris, Bubble Breaker is an excellent twist on a classic game-play model that just so happens to be free. Easy to play, yet difficult to master, the goal in this game is to pop as many similar-colored bubbles as possible within the time frame. With five free levels and three difficulty settings, you’ll be hard-pressed to get bored playing Bubble Breaker.


The classic game-play of Hangman needs no introduction, and the fact that this app is available for free has made plenty of puzzle junkies happy. As one might expect, the BlackBerry Hangman app features all of the classic game-play that people come to expect from a typical game of Hangman. Perfect for those who hang out in offices all day, this game will surely help you to get through a dull meeting.