Best Android Live Wallpapers for Free

Android Live Wallpapers for Free

Android has decided to quench the thirst for animated pictures (on social media, they’re know as GIFs) by leaving the system open to wallpaper customization through apps on phones, computers, and tablets. It’s known as “live wallpapers”, and while many free versions are low-quality, there are a select few which present aesthetically pleasing animated images.


New animated backgrounds are, contrary to the old forms, easy on the battery, as well as beautifully customizable, so you can have almost full control over your homescreen. Most allow you to blur the background, still rearrange apps and their faces, brighten/darken the photo, etc.

Keep in mind that to install some apps it’s charge-free, however, there are options for in-app purchases which allow you to unlock other live wallpapers. Once you’ve tried out the basic versions, we’re confident you’ll upgrade to premium.

1. Minima Pro Live Wallpapers

Equipt with more than 12 free options, you’re free to fully test out this program before plunging into the deep end and buying it for a grand cost of $0.99.

“Imagine cutting out  a bunch of construction paper shapes and arranging them in patterns and you’ll understand the effect.”



You can download it on Google Play here.

Join the G+ community, where they discuss new designs and general features here.

  • You can easily change the base colors to your preferred shade.
  • The minimalistic design shifts and turns in parallax motion as you scroll and position your device.
  • You can create custom designs and share them on the G+ group listed above.
  • Once you’ve purchased the app, over 90 themes are available, as well as hundreds of user-designed themes.

    2. Space Colony

Regarded as one of the most meticulous and graphically comprehensive live photo wallpapers on the Android market, Space Colony optimizes your ability to craft the speculative fiction world of your dreams. Nearly every portion of the cityscape is customizable to your choosing: the buildings which light up, the glowing realm of the sun and clouds, planes and bots touring the sky, the mist and shine of mountain land in the far distance, the gentle or harsh slant to which the city angled. It’s completely left for you to choose.



You can download it on Google Play here.

  • It has been downloaded 50,000 – 100,000 times, and is loved for its phenominal graphic quality.
  • There are five basic cities, which you can fully customize, as mentioned previously.
  • You can scroll through the city and explore it in 3D mode by tapping different areas on your screen.
  • The “toxic gas” color (basically, a filter that coats the city) can be changed in settings.

(If you like this style, you might also enjoy Galactic, which features similarly stunning live galaxies.  It can be found on Google Play here)


3. Forest

Soon after installation, you’ll find that Forest is one of the most active live animated wallpapers that stays in-tune to your environment. Described as “nice and relaxing” by developers, it also is quite entertaining to follow throughout the day – the sun changes from dusk to dawn, it even switches when there’s rain, snow, stars, or fog. Forest is graphically pleasing, while keeping it simple, unique, easy to navigate, and colorful.


You can download it on Google Play here.

  • This is a single background app, however, it changes multiple times a day to adjust to your weather
  • 3D parallax view when angling the device and scrolling
  • Be sure to approve the application’s use of your local weather in settings, or you won’t receive the full benefits that make this app so stunning!

    4. Muzei

Muzei (музей), which is Russian for “Museum”, is most known for it’s “Starry Night” rendition. It “gently refreshes” your wallpaper every day. Many, many works of art can be displayed through this app. You have the option to fade it out, blur the photo, or add a touch of a grayscale tone to the vibrancy. If you choose, it will even notify you as the wallpapers are changed daily.


You can download it on Google Play here.

  • Available on Android Wear
  • You can use photos from your own gallery
  • Double tap to view the artwork in-depth and scroll throughout

    5. Shake Them All 2

If you’re into pixelation, or classic gaming, Shake Them All 2 is the wallpaper for you. It even comes with a game you can play, all while on homescreen. You can interact with the very andriod-y bots, and even when you’re not, they’ll still be moving around. You can choose the quantity, background, gravity, light, ect.




You can find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, where they regularly post videos.

Download it here on Google Play.

  • The themes include: Christmas Santa, Football Players, and Colored Androids
  • Backgrounds are as follows: Green Field, Space, Box
  • Night mode, similar to Forest, is a nice addition to this app
  • No ads, and everything is completely free!

    6. Hipster – HPSTR

For the Hipster at heart, or simply those enamored with moving geometric shapes. HPSTR is a live wallpaper which combines random images layered behind cut-out shapes, which change form from time to time. The perk is that if you don’t like the wallpaper it’s set to at the moment, you simply must double tap to replace it with another.


Contact the creators of HPSTR by emailing them at:

Download it on Google Play here.

  • Should the wallpaper stand still while scrolling the home screen, enable the ‘Force wallpaper scrolling’ option in settings to fix this bug.
  • Wash, darken, saturate, or flip images to your preference
  • Save and Share your favorite background!
  • Never be bored by the same perpetual screen

(If you like this style, you might also enjoy Fracta, which can be found on Google Play here)

7. Circulux LWP

Staying with the geometry feel, Circulux provides a myriad of layered gear-circles, which are sure to incite creativity as well as productivity. Colorful splashes will light every corner and edge of your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Deliciously playful, simple yet intricate, and aesthetically pleasing. You’ll be proud of your new home screen once you download this cheerful app.

“Gauli presents the most original collection of live wallpapers, characterized by smooth and continuous movements. Gorgeous, full of depth and a unique style that will surprise everyone. Every detail reacts to the touch with magnetism and elegance. Open a window to the magical world of Gauli.”



You can find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, where they regularly post videos, discuss new designs, and have a community of followers who are more than willing to help you through any complicated steps. You can also visit them at their website, here.

Download it on Google Play here.

  • 21 unique designs
  • Auto Pan Mode
  • Change background colors automatically (infinite background colors randomized).
  • Choose light intensity of the lwp
  • Camera zoom, try to zoom in & out, without loss definition
  • Vector Based
  • Extremely low memory usage
  • Zoom in and out without loss of definition

    8. Paperland

If you’re into classic, basic looks, you might enjoy Paperland. One user wrote a stunning review that’s sure to convince anyone of their need for this app, if ever in a dreary mood:

“I hardly ever rate apps but this one is worth it! It’s adorable little themes: leaping dolphins, flying birds, the rainbow and flashing car lights at night are so happy! Doesn’t drain my battery. Makes me smile when I unlock my phone.”


Download it on Google Play here.

  • Choose from the default grassy theme, Silent Night, or Desert Migration. The full version offers a multitude of other options.
  • By taking a screenshot, you can share your unique designs with friends and family!
  • You can personally create an endless amount of themes, by variating the basic structure provided in settings

Permissions (as cited on the Google Play app page):

+ Internet permission is used for fetching local weather information.

+ SD card permission required for screenshot saving.

+ General location permission is required for live weather and accurate sunrise/sunset time calculation.

(If you like this style, you might also enjoy Paperscape, which can be found on Google Play here)

9. Awesome Land

With more than 5 million free users, Awesome Land boasts a stunningly realistic magical land, in which you can easily escape to by clicking on your screen. At the heart of this app is a sense of serene nature, and relaxing peace. A lone tree sits in a field of colored grass, with a lovely and aurora filled backdrop of color. You can change it in settings if you would like glowing gold specs or birds to move across your screen, in addition to this already-stunning wind-synchronized background.


Download it on Google Play here.

  • Enable particle flow and allow specs of glow to float around your screen by the trees.
  • You can choose to have custom birds fly across the wallpaper
  • User friendly ads
  • Interval theme changes
  • If you dislike the double tap option (which changes the background automatically) you can disable it in settings.

    10. Rain

For all the hopelessly romantic souls. Mellow, foggy, glistening. Speckled raindrops dot and drip, bringing a peace and calming. Remember staring out the window during a rainy storm as a child? This app is sure to bring back those delicate, distant memories with the touch of a finger.


Download it on Google Play here.

  • Unfortunately, many complained about the advertisements which slowed the loading process when accessing the settings app.
  • Comes with one rain screen, but you can change the background, which is layered behind it, making every picture look rain-glazed.

Follow these short steps to have your wallpaper up and running in no time at all:

  1. Go to your ‘homescreen’ ;
  2. Tap and hold on any blank spot until the menu appears ;
  3. Tap on ‘Wallpaper’ and then ‘Live Wallpaper’
  4. Select Raindrops Live Wallpaper HD 8
  5. Tap ‘Set Wallpaper’

    11. Clock

If the clock your phone provides isn’t enough, download this app to add an extra dimension. This fully customizable application gives you more freedom than the traditional clock/date Androids come equipt with. While you are free to use the stock images provided upon download, you can also upload your own pictures from the photo albums on your phone.


You can buy it on Google Play here.

The app is loved for some of the novel following features:

  • Font color
  • Stroke color and width
  • Shadow color, offset and blur radius
  • Color transparency
  • Time format (AM/PM)
  • Device rotation
  • Full color picker
  • Background picture
  • Each item can be customizable
  • Great battery performance


With all of this customization, you might be interested in entirely designing your own wallpaper. There are many programs in which you can do this, so you’ll have to play around and find your favorite, however, we recommend  this one, which has over 4,500 reviews.

“Do you want to design your phone with vividly animated wallpaper instead of fixed and boring screen? Do you want to put moving images of your friends or favorite celebrity on your screen? Haven’t you found your favorite wallpaper yet?”