It has been a great day for patent hunting. Here we’ve found a new device that is very reminiscent to the BlackBerry Cube we discovered back in 2009. The device in the new patent sports a full QWERTY keyboard with a flip-open top/screen, and a trackball (most likely would become a trackpad).

This type of flip phone does look a lot like the BlackBerry Cube. We’ve heard this “cube” device is supposed to be the successor of the Pearl Flip. These new patent images tend to allow us to agree. There is alot of detail  in the drawings as compared to the original BlackBerry Cube images. Perhaps this could be the real ornamental design of the “Cube” that Research In Motion is working on.

If you’ve seen the first BlackBerry Cube images (kind of looks like a Nintendo DS), now what do you think of these new ones? Would a cube-sized flip phone be of interest to you?