Biblical prophecies could be fulfilled! No, we’re just joking, this isn’t what you may think. A service that Research In Motion is currently supporting and is seeking to gain patents for, will not be permanent, use ink, or otherwise damage your skin. The technology is tentatively called SkinDisplay. The concept is that your phone could produce a physical surface that would allow you to press your hand, finger, thumb, or any skin down and it would create a temporary ‘tracing’ of the message or missed calls.

Created by the Vitamins Design director, Clara Gaggero, who told Metropolis Mag that the continuing development of piezoelectric technology (where electricity can deform the material, and the reverse) makes the idea very much possible. They’re also working on another idea from the project, aimed at reducing the invasiveness of mobile phones on day-to-day life, was SmartCall. This system would let you indicate the urgency, subject, and deadline for all of your phone calls. Hit the break for a video of the SkinDisplay concept.

SmartCall & SkinDisplay from clara gaggero on Vimeo.

via Recombu