Does the future of mobile technology lie in your hands? The industry’s leading technology companies actively recruit the best technology students to work with their development departments. If you’re considering an education in mobile technology, you should also consider where it’s heading.

The following are six emerging mobile technologies – the future of mobile computing.

App Development

According to Shawn Dubravac, chief economist for the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), the world is moving into a “post-smartphone era.” This doesn’t mean that apps are going to become a thing of the past, but rather that a person spends less time engaged in phone calls and texting, and more time engaged in apps. Apps are dominating usage, so app development is going to continue.

Gaming Tablets

The allure of a job in the gaming field makes this a particularly competitive market. With the introduction of dedicated gaming tablets, it is likely that more jobs will open up in this sector. Razer’s Project Fiona is the first serious gaming tablet. Designed for PC gamers, this tablet has a next generation Intel Core i7 processor and is “geared to render all your favorite PC games.” This technology is certain to take off, with more gamers wishing to play their favorite PC games on the go.

Web Security

Web security will continue to grow for years to come, so long as there are hackers and others attempting to steal information. The future of web security will recover data from lost devices, combat viruses, identify dangerous websites and prevent identity theft. Security for Android tablets is essential today and in the future. has started offering mobile security that can secure an app in real time and the technology is becoming more advanced every day, so look for information about what’s being developed and how you can get involved in this tech market.

Augmented Reality

Google Glass will get some competition. There’s no real patent on augmented reality, so it’s likely other companies are busy developing user friendly augmented reality devices that are both cost effective and available to one and all. With veteran tech blogger Robert Scoble recently claiming Google Glass would be doomed for 2014, the AR industry is scrambling to improve the product and lower costs. An intrepid developer could find a serious niche here.

Virtual Reality Gaming

If the words, “virtual reality gaming” cause a chill to roll down your spine, you may be ready for a career in this burgeoning field. The Oculus Rift is the first 3D virtual reality gaming headset and it’s currently available to developers for $300. The device allows you to perceptually feel as if you’re inside the video game, with incredible graphics and everything else that makes gaming special. Right now, Oculus Rift is a one-of-a-kind device, but as more people study this technology, more jobs in virtual reality gaming will be created.


Smart Everything

Imagine a toaster that has a voice like Siri’s and tells you when your toast is done. It seems the world is heading in this direction, with more and more companies working to ensure their products are smart. Smart homes are becoming more popular, as are smart cars. Will you be the person to develop a series of smart desks, smart chairs, smart counters, or smart anything else? As humans become more connected, so do our digital and non-digital products.

A Bright Future for Technology Students

For technology students, the future is incredibly bright. By entering this field, you could be at the helm of the world’s next hot device. You could help bring safety to millions of web browsers or simply spend your time developing the world’s first virtual reality gaming titles.

The job titles are endless, as are the possibilities, so study hard and you could be at the helm of the world’s emerging mobile technologies.