Do you have times when you are looking for a tool and can’t find it? I know I have and it can be very annoying. Gadget Box is a tool for you. It is in BlackBerry World for $1.99. It is a very useful tool and has a nice interface.


It has 9 different tools which you can use. These tools are flashlight, speed, protractor, level, compass, ruler, morse code, height and unit conversions. In the settings, you can choose your default tool. You can also switch between a mode on screen or using the camera to measure. The developer of this app has considered different usage cases for this app which shows during testing.


It is also very simple and intuitive to use which is great for such a feature packed app. I really like this app based on using it for different cases, including the Morse code. I tried this on the train not thinking of the output which when I realized that I started seeing the light from the camera flash. But that is a very nice feature to have if you need, you can also just have sound outputs and just light or both.


Overall, this is a very nice app, especially considering how useful it is. One thing i would like to see is use of the active frame. For example, maybe the active frame could show last measurement taken or some other feature. Currently, the app shows the top 6 items on the list of nine. I really like this app and see myself using it in different cases in the future. Definitely it is worth the cost to purchase this app. I recommend the purchase.

For more information and to purchase the app, click here.