The Hamburg-based mobile games developer Fishlabs Entertainment and the Canadian wireless innovation and technology company BlackBerry have teamed up to bring Fishlabs’ flagship title to BlackBerry’s new operating system.

As of today, Galaxy on Fire 2 HD is available on the BlackBerry World with full optimization for BlackBerry’s new signature smart phone, the BlackBerry Z10. Support for additional BB10 devices will follow in the upcoming months.

In addition to the main game, Fishlabs has also ported both of the extensive story add-ons, Valkyrie and Supernova, to the new platform. Consequently, BB10 is currently the only OS besides iOS and OSX for which the Supernova add-on is available.

Galaxy on Fire 2 HD can be downloaded for US-$ 9.99 / EUR 8.99  via BlackBerry World here. The add-ons can be unlocked via IAP for US-$ 4.99 / EUR 4.49 (Valkyrie), US-$ 6.99 / EUR 5.99 (Supernova) or US-$ 9.99 / EUR 8.99 (Combined).