Samsung’s refresh of their flagship S line still hasn’t been announced, but that doesn’t mean new rumors about the type of hardware won’t keep popping up. According to SamMobile, the future Galaxy S7 will be equipped with the new USB Type-C charging port – a standard that is quickly being adopted across the mobile space.

While Samsung won’t be the first to do so – that award has gone out to the OnePlus Two – they definitely won’t be the last. More and more phone manufacturers are rumored to be adopting this new tech for both charging and transferring of data.


Details are still really unclear about the Galaxy S7 in general though. So far, the only other rumor of substance has pointed this flagship to be rocking a Snapdragon 820 in the U.S. and China, while another version packed with Samsung’s own Exynos M1 chip making its way to Korea, Japan, and Europe.

Samsung could be unveiling their latest smartphone as soon as January of next year with availability coming in February.

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