One of BlackBerry’s finest has been given a new job title. Gary Klassen, the legendary creator of BBM, is now known as the company’s “Director Software Architecture & Innovation” in conjunction with being the “Senior Concept UX/SW Design Foresights Manager” his LinkedIn page revealed.

Gary moved to Malmo, Sweden to be with The Astonishing Tribe team to pump out BlackBerry 10 goodness. It has been rumored the team has been diligently working on enhancing the UI and UX of BlackBerry 10 for the eventual OS 10.4 update.

Innovation has always been a core part of Gary’s career with BlackBerry. In a previous role as BlackBerry’s Principal Architect, he described his innovation responsibilities, “…fostering a culture of innovation within the Application Platform team and beyond. Build strong relationships with forward looking research teams to ensure our Application Platform and Tools enables and keeps pace with this innovation. Responsible for championing grass-roots innovation at every level in the organization – bringing employees together to share ideas, to experiment, to prototype and to collaborate.”

At the very last BlackBerry Jam Europe in 2013, we were honored to have the opportunity to interview Mr. Klassen. We picked his brain on the future of BBM and BlackBerry 10, check out the interview.