We’ve rolled out our new community and forums, which have been very well received. One new feature is Twitter-like account verification.

Having your account verified on N4BB exemplifies throughout the community that you’re serious about supporting BlackBerry.

How do you get your account verified on N4BB? It’s quite simple. You must first have your profile completely filled out, and an avatar uploaded.

You then must have at least made 10 new forum topics, which will earn you the ‘BlackBerry Fan’ badge. If you’ve already been a past member and have the ‘BlackBerry Addict’ badge you’re a step closer. The badges you’ve earned are listed under your display name throughout the site.

Once these few criteria have been met, simply visit your profile and click on the ‘Request Verification’ button at the bottom.

The N4BB staff will then review your account to ensure it qualifies for the coveted Verified status.