With BlackBerry OS 10.2.1, the door is now open for users to download APK files directly to their device. In layman’s terms, that means we can download Android apps on our phone without the need to sideload them. There’s a wide variety of Android apps out there, and I feel it my duty to share the best ones with you all.

Ibotta is an online service that pays you to shop. Simply sign up for the service, download the app, and start getting paid! There are several categories for different types of stores. Once you’re all set up, you browse through the categories and stores and choose different products. You’ll have to complete a few tasks, such as read some facts, maybe watch a video, and at worst, post a tiny blurb about the product to your Facebook page.

For every task you complete, you’re given an actual monetary reward that goes into your Ibotta account. This money is available to you to transfer to PayPal (once you reach a certain minimum amount) or redeem in other ways. However, you won’t receive the money into your account until you “redeem” the items you’ve chosen.

That means you have to head on over to that store, purchase the item, snap a picture of your receipt, and then upload the photo to the app. It’s quite a few steps, but it’s pretty fun; almost like a scavenger hunt where you’re rewarded with cash.

I’ve been a fan of the service for a while, but could never participate in it because, of course, there is no BlackBerry app. Well now I have the Android version of the app on my phone and I’m a product hunting mad man!

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