Ever wanted to be able to use BlackBerry Messenger from your desktop? Don’t wait on RIM to bring you want you’ve been waiting on for years, Fixmo has rolled out its public beta of Web Messenger! You’ll still need a BlackBerry of course, but it may make it easy for those who have to message a lot of contacts throughout the day. Check out the steps below to partake in the public beta.

How to get started:

  1. Download the mobile App to your device at http://fwm.fixmo.com:8080/WebMessenger.jad
  2. Open the mobile App and create a new account with your email address and a password more than 8 characters, this is needed to log in to your BBM
  3. Click on Connect
  4. Now go to Fixmo Web Messenger Download | Fixmo Inc. and enter your login information there.
  5. Click on Connect on the web interface and you should be ready to use BlackBerry Messenger from your desktop.

via CB