Some of you might know and what it’s about, but for those who don’t it’s a social network focused on entertainment. Kinda like foursquare but for movies, books, artists and such. You can check-in to movies, TV shows, artists, books, music, games, you can review them and share them on Twitter or Facebook and more. As you check-in, you earn stickers which you can have delivered to your house after you reach 20 or more.

The application will, obviously, let you do just that: check-in to entertainment and earn stickers as you go. Currently the app is on a private beta, so you will have to request your invite in order to try it out!If you haven’t signed up for, go visit their site and do it! Start earning stickers while you wait for your Invite, which you can request here. If you get invited, please let us know your thoughts!

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