Welcome to the Getting Started With BlackBerry 10, your one stop location for all you need to know to become a BlackBerry expert! Today we will be discussing the question everyone has when they hold a BlackBerry Z10 for the first time. Visit the main GSWBB10 page for a full list of all the articles in this ever growing series! 

What is a smart phone without apps? And where else can one get these apps, except in some sort of app store? BlackBerry World is that store, and it’s your go to place for games, movies, music, tv shows, and utility apps. Let’s take a look at the many things BlackBerry World has to offer.

Recommendations, Featured Apps, and Best Sellers

BlackBerry World03

When you first open BlackBerry World, you’ll see a screen similar to this one. You’ll notice I cut the photo in half so it would show better in this article. I also labeled each of the main areas of the home screen so you will know what’s what.

The top of the screen scrolls through a list of featured apps that you can press to view more info. Under that are usually two separate categories that are being promoted. Selecting one of these categories will take you to a page where you can view more featured apps.

Under that are even more icons for even more apps. First up is a list of recommended apps, followed by best selling games, movies, tv show episodes, songs, and albums. You’ll have to scroll down on your phone to see them.

Worlds Within Worlds


On the bottom of your screen are three icons. Selecting “All” will take you to your main menu where you can view the different areas within BlackBerry World.

Click “Search” and you can, of course, search for a specific application, game, movie, etc.

Categories will take you to the page where you can break down what type of app you’re viewing. From within here you’ll see another Search icon.

Viewing Your App


Once you’ve made a selection in BlackBerry World, you’ll be taken to the app’s page. In here, you’ll find the name, developer, rating, ranking, and price of the app. Directly under that you’ll see two tabs that allow you to toggle from the details to reviews, as well as some screenshots (provided the developer put some in there). Scroll down and you’ll get a description of your selection.

To download this selection, you would click on the green button near the top. If the app is free, it will say “Download.” If it’s an app you have to pay for, you will press the price and be taken to the page where you complete your purchase.

Buying and Downloading


After selecting your app, you’re taken to either the download or payment screen. If the app must be purchased, you will be asked to enter your BlackBerry ID password. On your first purchase, you will be asked to choose a method of payment. You can choose to pay via PayPal, through your phone carrier (if supported), or with a credit card. Users can change their choice whenever they feel neccessary.

After you’ve jumped the required hoops, your app starts to download. You are free to continue browsing through BlackBerry World as it is doing this, and can quickly get back to the home page by pressing the Menu button on the bottom left for two seconds and swiping to the right. (This method is the same one mentioned in our walkthru of The Hub.)

So Much More Than Apps and Games


BlackBerry World also has music, movies, and television shows available for download. To get one, all you have to do is browse, search, or select it in one of the many recommended/featured areas, and download it in the same way.

The difference in the multimedia area of BlackBerry World is that you are allowed to preview a small snippet of your selection. If you press on the Play button while looking at an album, you’ll be treated to a few seconds of the selected song. While browsing movies and tv shows, press on the Overflow menu on the bottom right to find the option that allows you to view a trailer.

Simultaneous Updates

When an application has an update, you will receive a notification in The Hub. Select it to open up BlackBerry World and then press Upgrade to have your phone do just that.

Should you come across a time when you have more than one update at once, you can simultaneously upgrade all of them. Personally, I like to do them one at a time so I can view the description of each and see what the update changed.

There you have it! That’s pretty much the gist of BlackBerry World! Have a question? Drop a comment below! Is there anything you want to see covered in the #GSWBB10 series? Hit me up on Twitter!