Welcome to the Getting Started With BlackBerry 10, your one stop location for all you need to know to become a BlackBerry expert! Today we will be discussing the question everyone has when they hold a BlackBerry Z10 for the first time. Visit the main GSWBB10 page for a full list of all the articles in this ever growing series! 


I’ve had my BlackBerry Z10 since the day they were officially announced at the beginning of the year, and I love showing it off to people who are curious to see what the Canadian company did to improve their smart phones. After handing it to someone and seeing them feel the phone out a little bit, a majority of them will respond with one single question: “Where are the buttons?”

This question is usually followed by other questions and either oohs and aahs at the function of a buttonless phone, or criticisms that the device is counter-intuitive. We won’t get in to the criticisms here. That’s another topic for another article.

You may have had the same question when you originally turned on your phone. Yes, the BlackBerry Z10 has no buttons on its face. Yes that can be a bit confusing and difficult to get used to at first. Trust me, the learning curve is temporary.

A Phone Full of Gestures

BlackBerry 10 was created to keep you moving. To do that, the OS incorporates a variety of swipes and gestures to navigate through the phone, so a home button is unnecessary. No matter what you’re doing on your phone, a simple swipe up is all it takes.

If your phone screen is black, swipe up from the bottom to wake it up.  If you’re in an app and want to return to your home screen, swipe up from the bottom. If you want to access The Hub, which is the grand central station for all your notifications, swipe to the left until you get there. (There is a shortcut to The Hub that we’ll discuss in another article.) Do you want to view the rest of your applications? Swipe up from the bottom and swipe to the right.

Learning Curve

Take a few moments to practice your swipes. Yes I know this is new no matter what your previous phone was. Chances are you’re a little annoyed with this new interface. You may be thinking that switching from iOS or Android was a bad idea. Fear not, for this learning curve is to be expected when using any sort of new user interface. I can promise you that once you get over this hump, the swipes and gestures of BlackBerry 10 will become second nature to you. I give it a week before you’re trying to use these gestures on every touch screen device in your home.

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